HEY! Nice Assets...

You know how you do something cool and there's always like 5 people coming at you on Monday morning asking you "why didn't you tell me about that!? I totally would have gone!" and you're like "idk.. next time"


We thought it would be cool to have you (yup, you!) throw the icon on your own images to let people know you're doing something fun. You can click the link below to download some assets for promotion. 

The download link includes 2 folders. One folder includes 2 versions of the Year One icon (black and white) as well as 2 versions of already mocked-up photos (square for the gram, wide for facebook and twitter). The other folder has a three different designs that you can use to promote the #ROCSTAMEET happening on April 23.

If you have ANY questions, shoot us an email (that mail icon down there ⬇️). We are usually on our phones...